All the time in the world...

This is experience can be day or night but is when just a few hours is not enough. With an overnight it can be one night or several days together. My extended time package is designed to take our time together to the next level. 

There is nothing more relaxing then me waking you up with my mouth craving more of you. Taking all the time we want to touch, kiss and climax.

Cuddling into your arms and feeling our breathing as we drift off to sleep. Our bodies exhausted from bringing new levels to our intimacy. 

My time is all about you and what we can experience together. Taking a trip to Vegas to go gambling to a show or any trouble we can find without restrictions on time or activities. We can have a day just gambling with private intermissions in our suite. We can see a show and then let me give you a show. 

The possibilities are endless with an overnight package and is completely legal to travel anywhere you want to go in Nevada. Have everything you want just the way you want it, with a lady who is all about you!