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From Planning to Red Carpets

The New Year brings not only a fresh start but the beginning of my exhilarating journey to Las Vegas. Amidst meticulous planning, overcoming hurdles like a fractured ankle, and dealing with neglected living conditions, I'm eagerly anticipating the unfolding adventure. Join me as I navigate through the highs, lows, and the hustle of turning my new house into a home, all while gearing up for Hollywood's X3 Convention and XBIZ Awards (Jan 18-21) and AVN in Las Vegas (Jan 25-27).

The Challenges:

Moving with a fractured ankle presents its own set of challenges, yet it's not the only hurdle I'm overcoming. The negligence of the previous residents has me focused on fortifying my new space—changing locks, adding security measures, and upgrading appliances for a secure and comfortable haven. Despite these challenges, I'm determined to get everything mostly settled before the Hollywood events commence, knowing that AVN in Las Vegas follows shortly after.

A Call for Support:

To smoothen this transition, I've curated a special Amazon list. Contributions in the form of gifts or Lowes gift cards would be greatly appreciated as I strive to create a welcoming and secure environment. Your support will not only assist with the move but also contribute to the preparations for the upcoming star-studded events. Not to mention your own special thank you personally from me.

Looking Ahead to Hollywood and AVN:

As I settle into Las Vegas, the hustle doesn't cease. I'm gearing up for Hollywood's X3 Convention and XBIZ Awards (Jan 18-21) before swiftly transitioning to AVN in Las Vegas (Jan 25-27). While the move may not be entirely complete, I'm making a significant push to juggle the excitement of these high-profile events with the demands of settling into a new city.

Unveiling New Adventures:

On the personal front, I'm excited to share more of my day-to-day life, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and the new adventures that unfold in my relocated home. From exploring the city to making my space truly mine, this journey is about more than just moving—it's about embracing a fresh chapter filled with exciting experiences.

The journey from planning to red carpets is filled with challenges and excitement. As I navigate through the highs and lows of my move to Las Vegas, your support and encouragement are invaluable. Stay tuned for updates on the Hollywood events, the AVN extravaganza, and the ongoing transformation of my new space. Together, let's turn this adventure into a chapter filled with unforgettable experiences, delicious culinary creations, and the excitement of sharing more of my day-to-day life and new adventures.


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