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Holiday Wishes

A favorite time of year for me, this is one of the most wonderful times of the year. From the glitterings lights to the fireplace cuddles I truly enjoy it all. From as early as I can remember, I have always made a list of my holiday dreams and wishes, with that said these are my holiday wishes...

Ashlyn's Holiday Wishes
Naughty is the new Nice

Holiday Wishes

Amazon Wishlist

Here you can find a wide variety of gifts, from ordinary items to those I have longed for for a long time.


An art I have always wanted to learn, at last I found a place I can learn from some of the best. Of course it is in Las Vegas so this is a larger undertaking but will also come with even more appreciation from me especially if you don’t mind being some of my first performances 😉

Stripper Classes

One of the few adult industry areas I have not worked in I would love to learn some of this talent even if it is just for private shows. As stripping and pole work have grown over the last few year I have found a place I am excited to learn at. Would you support my stripper education and be my first client?

Gift cards

These are highly appreciated! With so many places having not only digital gift cards for ease of sending, it gives me the ability to pick something fun from a specific place while thinking of you...

Delta - Macys - Ulta - Target - Adam & Eve - Etsy - Airbnb and always Amazon - really any major retailer or restaurant will also be wonderful if I start my US trip.

Digital cards can be emailed to -

Miscellaneous wishes and favorites

Unicorn Wand

Caposaldo Sparkling Peach

Everything pink, sweets, and nerdy is my favorite. Especially together, experiences are always welcome!


I love opening the mailbox with a special surprise inside! While everything above is a wonderful wish and treat even cards or something that made you think of me will bring a smile to my heart!

Ashlyn Sparks

4100 Wayside Ln


Carmicheal, CA 95608

Gifts and surprises are never expected but always truly treasured and appreciated.

Holiday Specials from me...

It is that time of year where I run 50% off of my Elite only fans page for the 12 days before Christmas which make my page only $12.50 with over 2,000 photos and videos. You can also message me there, buy panties and customs.

Join my elite OnlyFans

Holiday Worn Items - Contact me if you'd like an item worn especially for you! From panties, sock, pantyhose and more. Gifts are erotic, and sending you one is especially so.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Ashlyn's Holiday Wishes
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