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Voyeurs - Tues Trip - Oct. 22, 2017

I had a couple tasks to complete in Reno first, then I headed south for Carson City. My plan for day two was to tour Kit Kat Lane. I wanted to walk around to all three houses, then make a choice and return to one for a party. If you don't want a lineup, many girls stay out of sight, but I did have a few approach me and I had some interesting conversations. The Kit Kat was the last house I visited, and it was interesting to see what it looked like since the big remodel. I talked to a girl there who in the end became my second choice, but I finally decided to go back to the Sagebrush and try to party with an interesting girl who had initiated conversation there.

Ashlynn Sparks was still in the parlor, so we sat on one of the sofa's and talked some more. It turned out she was new, and had only been there for seven days. When she found out I had been there several times in the past, she had several questions for me. I finally asked her if she would like to go back and talk business.

Ashlynn is a big girl, as tall or taller than me, especially in heels (although some of you know I am not the tallest person around) with a pretty face. Frankly, I think the glamour style pics she has put up don't look as much like her as the selfie pic she has up. It turns out her story is a year ago she lost a lot of weight. A side effect of the weight loss was it left her extremely horny. In her community, it isn't possible to just start sleeping with every guy she knows, so she started looking for other options. A potential answer - The Sagebrush Ranch.

As a new girl her rates are very fair - she seems to know her niche in the house, has a unique parlor style, wearing dresses rather than bikinis or lingerie. We quickly came to an agreement for an hour GFE. She asked if I wanted an outfit or just naked, and she put on a pair of stockings and matching bra.

We had a good party, lots of kissing and touching, oral and great sex, especially doggy. I left very happy.

Mr. R - First Outdate - Nov. 26, 2017

Never thought of myself as the outdate kind of guy. It was always just brief visits to the ranches. Until I met Ashlyn, to be honest she was not who I would pick in line up or normally message. So I was very surprised when she reached out to me and messaged me personally, and not your typical message. The first question she had for me was about socks? She is genuine, funny and sexy. When she invited me to meet at the ranch no obligation I was ready for the sales push but it wasn’t there. She was dressed in the dress I like in her pictures. We shared drinks, well her Shirley temple since she doesn’t drink very often. We only talked about an hour but felt so fast and I didn’t want to keep her. We did privately discuss her rates and she is very open and straight forward with her rates. I was very pleased by this. After this meeting we kept in contact online and she is so sweet in her replies, and not pushy.

It has been over 3 weeks since we met. So I messaged her on what kind of things can be an outdate, I didn’t expect her to say “Heck Yes” I would love to go share wings and sports with you! I will say the hours continued to fly by. I picked her up and she was ready, perfect in a cute dress. I love her dresses, but that is a side note. We started at the hot springs and she suggested a lower temperature room, which now I understand why. Her confidence is amazing and she made me feel so relaxed. I am not in my youth but she made me feel that way. Her kisses are soft as her skin and touching her made me relax. She asked me to un-zip her and she was not shy when she joined me in the water. I understand why we picked a lower temp room and will not question her again.

After the hot springs we took a short but exciting drive over to the Buffalo Wild Wings. It was great to be with a lady who was okay going out after getting all her makeup washed off and not fussing over it. I have never seen a lady so happy to see hockey on TV. She loves her hockey, sports in general I should say. It was nice to chat, eat and have all her attention. The drive back to the ranch while memorable was a hard drive to make. I don’t remember feeling so well taken care of or being pleased so much in one night. I am so happy she reached out and I have already started planning for my next special time with Ashlyn. She is so appreciative and worth taking the step to spending several hours together

Honor Roll - Dec. 7, 2017

I had a a small appointment with Ms. Sparks to give her an Oral Exam for her finals and to see if she coud make the honor roll.

Im happy to report Ms. Sparks while having an occassional naughty side in my class has passed her final exams with a perfect score.

She was very willing to please her professor and was submissive during the exam process. She is very caring and down to earth. 

She even was willing to do extra credit which boosted her overall grade. Negoations were very natural and fair. 

If you are looking for one that loves to have fun in the bedroom, good at roleplay, passionate pick Ms. Ashlyn Sparks. She will make sure you leave with a huge smile on your face.

Also check out her new amazing room and enjoy watching the activities in the multiple mirrors.

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Grizzly Relaxes with Ms. Sparks -  Dec. 18, 2017

On the final night Grizzly was visiting the ranches, he made one last visit to his student Ms. Sparks. She agreed to a wonderful party after Madam Suzette's birthday festivities! Grizzly attended the party and mixed and mingled with all the kitties, starlets, lovers and bunnies. He found out he is not a big fan of loud crowds, so he spent time people watching while Ms. Sparks mingled and chatted and did some networking.

After the party wound down, Grizzly escorted Ms. Sparks back to his room and they got more comfortable. She was excited to find out she was allowed to crawl under the sheets with me. That encounter led to a lesson for Grizzly to relax and accept sensual touching by Ms. Sparks. It was one where every time Grizzly got worked up Ms. Sparks would pull back until I learned to relax and did some deep breathing.

It was an amazing party with Ms. Sparks, one that was different sensual and the release was explosive! She tucked me and kissed me as she slipped into the night! Bidding me until next time.

This party showed the sensual side of Ms. Sparks, it was one of learning about touch, love, and learning to control how you react to touch. Thank you Ms. Sparks for being my date and showing how important touch can be in a romantic encounter!! 

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Out of this World Experience- Jan. 20, 2018 

This past weekend, business led me down to Las Vegas. This gave me the perfect opportunity to meet with a lady I have been conversing with for some time now. Ashlyn Sparks agreed to meet me at the Alien Cathouse to give me a relaxing experience that sent me into orbit.

Ashlyn and I first started chatting when see began at the Sagebrush Ranch. When I heard that she would be down in southern Nevada about the same time I would be there, I had to take this chance. For me, building a good chemistry is vital to enjoying myself with someone. Ashlyn and I had that chemistry in spades. As always, I was nervous on the drive out to meet this sweet lady. She went out of her way to calm my nerves with a "no rush" approach that she seems to specialize in. We played pool, talked, and even played video games until my nerves were calm and I was ready for blast off. Little did I know, I was in for such a sweet and caring, yet wild, experience. This woman is an expert at cuddling and taking her time to make sure you enjoy yourself. 

I won't get into the details (A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, after all,) but I will say that Ashlyn sent me to the moon and beyond with her soft touch and amazing skills. After we returned to Earth from our flight among the stars, she helped me get cleaned up in a nice, soothing shower to get me ready for my return to life on this planet. I am so grateful for this wonderful lady and the honor of being able to call her a friend. I would strongly encourage anyone to get to know this lady and let her take you on a flight out of this world, if even for a short time.

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I first took notice of Ashlyn Sparks from reading her narrative along with her twitter and blog report. We started an email correspondence which added to my interest in Ashlyn. Ashlyn was incredibly timely in her responses to my emails and proactive role in planning our time together by asking questions to get an idea of what were my preferences. Any questions I had for Ashlyn were answered quickly and honestly. When my questions went outside the boundaries of what we could talk about outside the ranch she explained the restrictions that we were under, but provided me as much information that she was able to provide under the limitations she was under. Even so, we quickly worked out a general plan for my trip to the Sagebrush Ranch and Ashlyn still corresponded with me on a regular basis to see how I was and my plans were progressing.

Upon meeting Ashlyn, I was stunned by the beauty of her eyes and smile and the friendliness of her welcome. She has what I call a women’s body (curves in all the right places) or as she terms it a vintage courtesan. After a pleasant, relaxed discussion in the parlor we adjourned to her room to discuss details. Ashlyn took every step to take the pressure out of our negotiations, so much so, that we quickly agreed to a multi-day outdate. We had discussed the possibility of a multi-day outdate in our emails and Ashlyn took the initiative to plan our week together before my arrival --- unbelievable attention to details and my wishes which marked all our time together. Ashlyn even included in our plans competition activities such as go-carting, Circus-Circus carnival games and miniature golfing. In all our competitions Ashlyn won and playfully gloated over her wins during our time together. To be honest I had no chance during our competitions as my focus always deviated to her eyes and body --- it is so unfair to have skill, smarts and looks all in one person. In short, I was completely at ease due to Ashlyn’s open and friendly manner after only a few hours together. 

Ashlyn always dresses immaculately (usually in dresses) and is always flawlessly prepared although she is still stunning without makeup. Ashlyn looked beautiful whether we were going to a fine dinner or just a UNR ballgame. It was clear that Ashlyn had planned her clothes during our multi-day adventure. She also had individual outfits for each of our nights together. 

The only negative in our time was that I had to cut our time short due to being required to attend to a family emergency. Ashlyn was unbelievably kind during my stressful period before I left and tried to help as much as she could. Our time together was so memorable that I never considered requesting recompense due our time being cut short. I left dreaming of her body, and entranced by her eyes and smile. As soon as I left I began planning my return to finish our time together as well as adding more memories.

Amazingly, Ashlyn has not forgotten about me after our time together and continues to communicate with me to check on how I am doing ---- that is really an indication of what a caring, kind person Ashlyn is. To summarize, Ashlyn Sparks is a smart, beautiful, friendly, kind lady that I plan on being in her company as often as possible. In regard to any future contests we decide to undertake I have come to the realization that to get around Ashlyn’s eyes, smile and body (and skill) I will have to cheat to win 

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An Outdate Memory That Will Last a Lifetime - April 26, 2018