Who will I be for you...

This is all about living out your fantasies and those naughty thoughts we all have from time to time. I love to role play with you and it goes far beyond just changing an outfit or calling you Sir. 

Everyone has that thought when their co-worker or assistant bends over too long and you get a peek of her panties...oh and they are your favorite color or not there at all. Wouldn't it be great to touch and feel without worrying about the HR department. 

How about that time you saw the neighbor girl getting ready and not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard and begging you to touch them and kiss all of her lips. No worrying about what anyone will say as she is taking you to climax on her knees. 

We all have a friend with the hot wife on her wedding day. What if you got to taste, kiss and climax with her first before she walks down the aisle. Her white dress lifting for you to see and play with. 

The possibilities are endless and I love to be exactly what you want and need! Let's make your fantasy happen!