February the month of love...

This month has long been one of my favorite months for many reasons. The biggest being it is almost my birthday month(March), all of the candy/stuffed animals, Mardi Gras(still need to go to the real one), and last but not least the electric sexuality in the air! I love the primal instincts of courting your mate and the passion that follows.

For February, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and do a silk red La Perla robe shoot. Red has never been one of those colors I have worn a lot of but really enjoyed how it made me feel. Also having natural breasts everything wears differently and having my big booty make the curves show in this outfit. I put a few pictures in this post but all of them including the spicy ones are on my premium pages. As promised every month this year will have a full professional photo shoot with exclusives found nowhere else. If you would like to sponsor a month please let me know you get a personal thank you plus many gifts.

Let me know what you think of the red!

More in February, I have some road trip fun coming at the end of the month and will be heading to Minnesota to get some more things ready for the big trip coming. I will also be doing Valentines day gift packages so keep an eye on my Many Vids page for the details and my OnlyFans Lover of the month. I am also taking questions for my ask Ashlyn live feed weekly on OnlyFans but the biggest change coming in February is launching my Worn by Ashlyn items and that I am going to start web camming! I am excited and nervous but think it is going to be AMAZING. I have so many fun things planned. If you know me I have tons of sexy and fun outfits but am still working on more toys! I would love to hear your feedback.

I know this was a long update for February but I am so happy to share it with you. PS

My OnlyFans page is 50% off for a year subscription. Come play with me for the next year and get all kinds of perks plus a personal birthday video!


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