The trip of 2021

Another year is here, Hooray!

This year is going to be another year of great adventures or so is the plan. Let’s talk about this plan. Over the last 5 years I have been working a planning a 48 state road trip! That being said there is SO much that goes into that even above the finances. Joining the right associations, routing, time management, reduction of living, just stuff, and lots of it. Now it is the year of the trip, instead of counting years it is counting months and soon days! I can not wait.

Why this trip and why now? This trip came about as I said years ago, it was always planned for this year as my son will be graduating high school and we have been making a list of places we want to see and to experience our country first hand. As I am sure you are aware this has not been a wonderful or exciting senior year that most of us know or had, which makes this trip so much more important. All though several of our spots have closed permanently and there are bound to be some more changes we are still hoping to make this trip the trip of a lifetime.

History, theme parks, stadiums and campfires, all things that are a big part of this trip, which we still need to name but I will keep you posted on that. The biggest goal I have is to get a picture with my son in every state, while it seems small as a single mother most of his life this is a big thing to be able to do with him and memories that will last his lifetime. As big fans of books and history there is so much out there to see not just flying state to state but we will be driving, if all goes to plan an RV well 5th wheel to every state. That way we have a little of home with us, can stop as we want and hopefully get to see as many of the historical markers as we can along the way. This means we can also have campfires and meet so many new and exciting people!

That is the great adventure plan of 2021! Everything this year for me is about this trip and making even more memories, oh and getting me ready to be a semi trucker but that is another post. Please make sure you follow my social medias for more on this and to give your input on things. Having friends all over this great country makes it so much more to know the spots you recommend seeing and local input.

Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings!


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