Welcome 2022

Welcome to 2022!

I am so happy to spend another year here with you. After the whirlwind that 2021 was from winning best OnlyFans in the ASN Awards, to my first Exxxoticas, coast to coast travels and starting at the Mustang Ranch. This year is going to be even better!

Valentines Package

​For the first time in several years I am able to bring back Valentines Packages!

These are limited in number due to the personalized nature of these packages.

In order to get to YOU by Valentines they need to be purchased by Feb. 10th.


For OnlyFans Elite - $125

Please purchase on OnlyFans


Ashlyn Sweets

Selfie World Vegas!

January started off with a private shoot at Selfie World Vegas, needless to say it was AMAZING!

While I am still working on sorting the pictures, here is one of my favorites!

Shooting is one of my favorite things to do and share with you. From fantasy to just being me I love it. The behind the scenes of this was probably one of the silliest yet and will be on my OnlyFans this month!

It is not everyday that I get to prance around a venue in lingerie, with music and champagne. Well, most of my shoots have champagne but this was just next level!


Birthday is Coming!

My birthday is March 13!

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with special friends during my birthday month!

Yes I celebrate ALL month!

WAYS we can celebrate!

- In person at the Mustang Ranch! Go on an outdate, spend time in a suite, so many choices!

- Schedule a virtual video chat!

- Join my OnlyFans & Tip me for my Birthday Trip!

- Purchase a gift from my Wishlist- Send a gift/card to the Mustang Ranch for me!

- Sponsor a part of my Birthday trip to Vegas!


That is all I have have right now!

- Looking forward to next week's post -

What makes my panties so WONDERFUL, and why you need them!

Ashlyn Sweets

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