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Ashlyn Sparks

Greetings! I'm Ashlyn.


I'm a traditional submissive who loves to travel, explore new things, and cuddling. I'm from the Midwest originally, but I've been all over the place and I love it. I follow most major sports and I'm a huge fan of my teams. I also love classic video games, Harry Potter (Slytherin), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars(Sith) and so much more. If you're looking for someone who is bubbly, kind-hearted and has an old soul, then you've found your girl.

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably thoughtful and kind, with a curious mind and a discerning eye. You have a taste for the exquisite, and seek quality and authenticity in all things. You’re here to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the here and now. You’re here to find something that’s missing: a spark, and maybe the start of a lasting connection.

And perhaps you, like me, are a barely closeted goofball who absolutely loves to laugh.


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