Meet the face
behind the posts

Hello! I'm Ashlyn.

Traveling, exploring new things, and cuddling are some of my favorite things. Although I'm originally from the Midwest, I've been all over the place and I enjoy it all.

As a fan of my teams, I follow most major sports (excluding soccer). I also love classic video games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon and so much more. If you're looking for someone who is bubbly, kind-hearted, and has an old soul, then you've found your lady! 


As soon as I get my RV, I want to travel all over the US and then travel around the world. I want to see everything there is to see and make as many memories as I can. I'm especially excited to visit all the Disney parks and take in all the magic.


I know it won't be easy, but with my positive attitude and determination, I know I can make it happen.


So come along with me on this journey!

Ashlyn Sparks