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Spoil Me

While gifts are never expected, they are always deeply appreciated. Your generosity makes my day brighter and brings a smile to my face.

Below, you'll find some options if you're considering spoiling me, whether it's with a gift card or something from my wishlists.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

Favorite Gift Cards: Please send E-Cards to

Wish lists: These are Amazon wish lists so they will just show up as Amazon purchase

1. Swimsuits and Sundresses: Bring some sunshine into my wardrobe with stylish swimsuits and breezy sundresses.

2. New Lingerie: Add a touch of elegance and allure with beautiful lingerie pieces.

3. House Needs/Wants: Help me create a cozy and stylish home with items from my house needs and wants list.

Send me something directly - Coming Soon

 please include your email in the note or send me an email at to let me know I should be keeping an eye out - that way I can spoil you in return!

SOME of the ways I spoil you in return

  • Special for your eyes only thank you video in or with the gift

  • Exclusive pictures - in or with the gift

  • Free passes on my premium sites

  • Extra time on our adventures

  • Wearing the gift on lives, in videos etc and thanking you

  • Free custom video

  • Free video chat

  • there are so many more but these are some of my favorite ways to Thank You ...

You know exactly how to make me wet...
You know exactly how to make me wet...



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My passions include traveling, learning about history, and geeking out on fandoms ranging from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. It's no secret that I'm a gamer who loves classic video games and sweets.

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