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Spring Fever: Updates, Tulips, LVLUP Expo Excitement, and Poolside Dreams

As April unfolds, the air is alive with the vibrancy of spring, heralding a season of renewal and anticipation. Following a month of birthday celebrations that dazzled, it's time to fully embrace the delights of spring and the exciting developments it brings.

Spring Fever and Lemon-Themed Recipes: With the advent of spring, my wardrobe undergoes a delightful metamorphosis as I dust off my sundresses and swimsuits, eagerly anticipating the sun-drenched days ahead. There's an undeniable allure to slipping into a flowing sundress, bedecked with playful patterns and vibrant hues. And let's not forget the lemon-themed recipes gracing the pages of ASN magazine, infusing gatherings and culinary endeavors with a delightful zest.

Celebrating Tulips: As spring unfurls its colorful tapestry, one flower takes center stage—the tulip, particularly the blush-pink varieties. There's an ineffable charm to these delicate blooms, their petals unfurling in soft, romantic hues, evoking a sense of joy and renewal. Whether adorning tabletops or dancing in garden beds, tulips symbolize the essence of spring's beauty and the promise of brighter days ahead.

Not Heading to Chicago Exxxotica: Regrettably, I won't be attending Chicago Exxxotica this year. The recent relocation to Vegas has demanded my full attention as I settle into my new abode. However, this decision is not without its silver lining. While I hope to attend more Exxxoticas in the future, getting ready for a full summer of fun has me staying home for now. Rest assured, I will always keep you updated here first on future events.

LVLUP Expo Excitement: Save the date for the LVLUP Expo, an exhilarating event taking place from April 26th to 28th right here in Vegas. Though a newcomer to this spectacle, I am captivated by the promises of immersive experiences and boundless entertainment it offers. The prospect of showcasing three themed outfits each day ignites my excitement, promising to infuse the festivities with an extra dose of glamour. Interested in joining me for a weekend of adventure and excitement? Drop me an email, and let's make it a memorable affair!

Poolside Dreams: Amidst the excitement of spring, I've embarked on a mission to transform my backyard into a tropical oasis here in the desert. However, a small setback arose with the discovery of a broken pool heater during the spring pool check-up. But fear not! With your unwavering support, we're working towards fixing the heater and bringing the backyard paradise to life. Stay tuned for a special wishlist, pool-related goals on TikTok, and exciting sponsor gifts as we countdown to the start of pool season. Imagine the thrill of hosting poolside lives on TikTok or LoyalFans—your support will make it all possible! Merchandise: Don't forget to explore for exclusive Ashlyn-themed merchandise, including bottle openers, posters, playing cards, and more. Each item is a testament to your support and a cherished memento of our journey together.

As we bask in the enchantment of spring, with its sundresses, tulips, LVLUP Expo anticipation, and dreams of poolside bliss, I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Here's to a season brimming with growth, beauty, and boundless possibilities!

Check out my swimsuit & sundress wishlist to spoil me and get spoiled back...Remember to put your email on the notes or send me an email to get your surprise. 



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