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10 Random Ask Ashlyn Questions!

Some of my favorite questions are the most random ones I've ever been asked! Here are the top 10!

painting brushes

  1. DO YOU LIKE TO USE POST-IT NOTES? I have an unhealthy attachment to office supplies but yes. I use them, have too many probably, and love all the shapes/styles that come out.

  2. DO YOU STILL WATCH CARTOONS? YES! While the Saturday morning cartoons are not the same anymore I do still find my favorites online or pull out the old VHS tapes.

  3. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WROTE A LETTER TO SOMEONE ON PAPER? Last week. I have several pen pals if you want to call it that. I really enjoy both sending and receiving letters.

  4. DO YOU SING IN THE CAR? Yes, I love a good jam-out session in the car or shower.

  5. BEST ROOM FOR A FIREPLACE? All of them. I would have one in every room if I could.

  6. WHEN YOU WERE A KID, WHAT DID YOU DRESS UP AS FOR HALLOWEEN? Mostly princesses or fantasy characters but as I got older they got a bit more sexy but still elaborate.

  7. EVER RAN OUT OF GAS? Yes. A few times. One of my least favorite things to do is go to the gas station. I miss full-service stations.

  8. DO YOU CHEW YOUR PENS AND PENCILS? I do. I really never got out of the put this in my mouth stage of life.

  9. DO YOU TAKE THE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONER BOTTLES FROM HOTELS? I do. While most of the time they gather up I either use them on short road trips or donate them to the local woman’s shelter.

  10. HAVE YOU STOLEN A STREET SIGN BEFORE? Can I plead the 5th…Well, it was a long time ago so probably past the enforceable timeframe.

If you have a question you want answered, send it to me on my VIP OnlyFans page to get a direct answer or comment it on a social media post for possible random selection.



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