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As a self-proclaimed Disney Adult, I have always been drawn to stories that transport me to magical realms filled with wonder and excitement. Lately, I've delved into an erotic retelling of Aladdin titled "Desperate Measures." While it might raise a few eyebrows, I must confess that I am thoroughly enjoying this adult twist on a childhood favorite. The author's ability to intertwine passion and enchantment in this tale has captivated my imagination, reminding me that even beloved fairy tales can take on new dimensions.


In my quest for captivating entertainment, I recently finished binge-watching Yellowstone, a gripping series that immerses viewers in the rugged beauty of the American West. Now, I'm embarking on a journey through the Marvel series, rediscovering the interconnected universe that has brought joy to fans worldwide. With side stories and shorts to explore, I find myself engrossed in the intricate web of superheroes, villains, and the endless possibilities they bring.

Working On:

Amidst the realm of imagination, I am also grounded in reality and find fulfillment in working on tangible projects. Currently, I am immersed in the never-ending process of getting my boat back in the water. The summer season beckons, and I long for those carefree moments spent cruising on the open waves. Though the task may seem daunting at times, the anticipation of the upcoming fun and laughter keeps me motivated, reminding me that the effort will be well worth it.

As a Disney Adult, my love for literature, film, and real-world adventures intertwines to create a colorful tapestry of experiences. From exploring the sensuous depths of Aladdin's world to indulging in the intricacies of Marvel's cinematic universe, my passions know no boundaries. Whether escaping into the pages of a book or immersing myself in the realms of the screen, I relish the diverse array of stories and emotions that enrich my life. And as I continue to work diligently on preparing my boat for the summer season, I embrace the balance between the fantastical and the practical, ready to embark on new adventures both on land and at sea.



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My passions include traveling, learning about history, and geeking out on fandoms ranging from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. It's no secret that I'm a gamer who loves classic video games and sweets.

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